You're wondering about your part in getting your portrait taken, aren't you?  Your input is as important to our shoot as my technical and creative knowledge.  I've had people arrive to their appointments with their hair still wet from the shower.  People have come with the flu.  People have shown up without any appropriate clothes for the session they've paid me for - in Real Life photographers don't have a Tickle Trunk in their studios with a wide variety of clothing in your size just waiting for you.  If you come with an idea of how you want to present yourself, and you show up ready to go, I'll be able to help you to fine-tune your details and focus in on making your ideas work in the best way for you - allowing your 'best self' to come to the front.  

Overall, my Golden Rule is for you to concentrate on who your end market is (ie:  family and friends, potential clients, friends and contacts that you have yet to meet, etc.) and how you want to be seen by them.  Also, make sure that you are able to pull off this same look in Real Life when you meet, in person, with these potential clients or new friends.  


Ideally, you should get your hair cut 2 weeks before our shoot.  If that isn't possible, tell your stylist the date of your sitting and ask that your hair look like it had been cut 2 weeks before that date - so have it cut a bit longer than your usual cut-length.  'White walls' are not attractive on anyone.  Neither is a new style done the day of the shoot that doesn't work with your personality or any of the clothes you currently own.  


Try on your clothes at home.  See what actually and honestly fits.  Look in the mirror.  Does it pull?  Do the shoulders actually fit your shoulders?  Does this colour make you look sick?  Don't be too swayed by what people have said in the past - you might have been thinner or younger or had a different colour of hair then.  If you really like a piece of clothing and have determined that it actually fits you TODAY, decide if it would be appropriate for your end-market to see you wearing.  If it fits your personality, bring it!!!  If you don't bring it along, we can't play with it.  Bring a number of pieces and we'll make our final decisions together - and probably switch up one look with another, part way through our shoot.  And don't get too fussy about your pants or skirts.  They just need to be standard, foundational, and appropriate for the tops.  The focus is going to be from the waist up unless we've talked about it beforehand, or, if your plaid bell bottoms from the 80's are an integral part of you that you neeeeeeed to present.

If you are wearing a tie, please bring 3 choices (in my heart, I'm just hoping you'll bring at least two!) and make sure they go with all of the shirts you are bringing.  

Oh, and make sure the shirts are clean and ironed.  Just laying that on the table! 


Those who wear make-up should wear the same amount as if they were going out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant with long-time friends.  That means your best 'face' but without the overt glamour (because your friends would probably laugh at you until at least the dessert course!).  You want to look normal, but definitely your BEST normal.  Bring along  2 or 3 lipsticks, just in case one colour would photograph better than another, and any make-up you might want to touch up during the shoot.

Overwhelmed?  It’s actually easier than it sounds.  If you have any questions, please know that I'm available for you!  And that the best time for questions is BEFORE the day of the your shoot!